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Let's keep learning at home


March 25 - Zoom Introduction with Players and Parents


Lets connect and have some social interaction!

6:00pm EST - Click here to register for the zoom meeting!

Lets just say hello!  Check in! Smile! Wave! Practice for the next zoom practice

This meeting will not last more than 10-15 minutes. We want to make sure everyone gets set up and practices using the program as we will be using this for team practices and club interaction during this time away from the court.

Upcoming Schedule for Players and Parents


Working with the players to schedule practices moving forward that is conducive for all players daily schedule.

2X per week the athletes will meet online with their coach directly (individual or as a team or variety).  The coach will have lesson plans and the athletes will be active in discussing what they would like to learn about.  

Send your reoccurring schedule to Kortney Addleman.

They will be able to do group workouts, group lessons, individual lessons, position learning, and MUCH MORE!


The administration will be equally doing online resources, lessons, classes and videos to be watched at a later time.  We encourage you to let us know what you would be interested in seeing or learning in your spare time.


If you, or anyone you know, is in need of assistance during this time (financial, emotional, physical, etc) please let your coach, site director or administration know.  We are working, daily, to provide assistance to those in need as part of our pay-it-forward program. #lovethyneighbor

Athlete Weekly Schedule

  1. 2x per week coach and team "practice"
  2. Online resources for parents and players weekly options
  3. Bible Study and Sunday School - available weekly
  4. Workouts available weekly
  5. Interact with big/little sister
  6. Interact with sister club

Upcoming Subjects - Player, Parent, Recruiting, Club Interaction

Topics for Players and Parents

  • Interviews with College Coaches
  • Interview with Alumni playing in college
  • FUN silly games and challenges
  • Individual skill home development
  • Position skill home development
  • Academic Tutoring/Class help
  • At home workouts (physical shape)
  • Nutrition
  • How to optimize your next school season
  • The Art of Identifying Gold Nuggets Everywhere
  • Book Club
  • How to be a great teammate (and why it matters)
  • Volleyball IQ 101 (players and parents)
  • Sister clubs/penpal clubs - 
  • Workout Clubs - Twitter updates

Bible Study and Sunday School - Online Ministry


  • Overview of the Recruiting Process
  • Recruiting during COVID-19 break
  • Overview of the parents recruiting process
  • How to Make a Highlight Video (Bella, Libby, Abby)
  • Recruiting Rules
  • College coach email strategies
  • How to write an introductory email to a college coach
  • What to do if coaches aren't responding
  • Questions to ask college coaches
  • How to prepare for a college visit
  • How to pick a major
  • Walk on opportunities - good or bad?
  • Junior College, NAIA, Division 3, Division 2, Division 1 - Positives to each

Interaction Opportunities

  • Sister clubs
  • Workout club partners
  • Position training with other clubs
  • Big sister-Little sister within High Street