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High Street Travel Hub

Travel Details

Hotel blocks:  High Street has obtained hotel blocks at specially negotiated rates at each tournament to house our athletes and their families.To ensure all of our athletes have the opportunity to stay within these blocks, please do not book rooms for extended members of the family within the blocks until the end of the booking period.  

We are also excited to offer Priceline booking deals of up to 60% off regular rates as a SportsEngine member!  Click the link to the right for Priceline where you could find even more savings (does not apply to stay-to-play events where you must use the required hotels)!

Please be sure not to book an "Advanced Purchase" rate. These rates are non-refundable and circumstances can change - schedules, injuries, weather, etc.

Booking hotels: Each family is required to make their own reservations and supply a credit or debit card to reserve the room.

Cancellations and minimum stay requirements: You are responsible for reading/knowing the hotel’s minimum stay requirements and cancellation policy at each tournament. Most hotels will allow you to cancel within 24-48 hours without forfeiting the cost of 1-night stay, but some cancellations will incur a fee to the housing agency. Please be informed.

Check-in dates: Confirm the tournament play dates. Some tournaments are 3 days, while others are just 2 days. Playing waves are usually published in advance, but schedules typically aren’t released until the Tues/Weds/Thu before the event.  It’s always a good idea to arrange to check in the night before the tournament just in case your daughter is assigned to the AM wave, and then modify your reservation with the hotel later. Don’t forget to check your cancellation options and minimum stay requirements before you book to ensure you are able to modify your stay without penalty.

***Stay to Play: MidEast Qualifier (MEQ), NorthEast Qualifier (NEQ), Central Zone Invitational are Stay to Play events. Although you have a choice to stay anywhere you would like for the other tournaments, you MUST stay at a tournament-supporting hotel for MEQ (Indianapolis), NorthEast Qualifier (NEQ), Central Zone Invitational. If you do not, and your athlete’s team does not meet the minimum number of required room nights your athlete’s team risks forfeiture at the event. These events also require a 2-night minimum stay per booking. Please book at the club’s selected hotel.

High Street Tournament (Home & Away) FAQ

Can we bring food to the tournament?

NO. Most sites do not have the space for parents to set up food for the girls. Please respect the playing site's rules. Our recommendation is to bring snacks in the player's bags or have the parents bring a non-cooler bag to carry the snacks.

Is there an admission fee for tournaments?

Yes. Most tournaments will have an entry fee so it is best to bring cash for all spectators.  The athletes will get in for free.

Should I bring a chair?

Always. Even if seating is provided, some tournaments still allow you to bring your own chair. It's best to have it and not need it then to have to stand the whole day.

Does my player need a whistle?

Yes.  All players have learned how to officiate and will need a whistle for tournaments.

Do I have to stay in the hotel block provided?

No. The club will try to find hotel blocks for as many tournaments as possible, but sometimes, it is just not possible in the area for various reasons. It is also NOT REQUIRED for you to stay in the club blocks provided. We know that all families have different budgets and different preferences for hotels; this makes it almost impossible for the club to find the best hotel for everyone.

The only exception would be if the event is a "stay-to-play" tournament where the teams are required to utilize hotel blocks provided by the tournament directors.  These will be clearly delineated at the beginning of the season.

When do we find out the schedule for the tournament?

Most of the time, schedules aren't released until the Wednesday or Thursday before the scheduled tournament.  This happens because teams drop and add last minute which switches up the teams pools. So to create less confusion, the schedules are released later.

What are normal start times for tournaments if we won't know the schedule ahead of time?

For the major JVA and USAV tournaments as well as other tournaments with close to 100 teams participating, you can expect an 8 a.m. start time.

For the smaller tournaments such as power league, will have a 10 a.m. start time the first day. The 10 a.m. start time is to reduce hotel stays and the overall amount of money parents will have to spend for that tournament.

I keep hearing about an app for tournaments - what is AES?

AES (Advanced Event Systems) is a desktop and mobile platform that provides tournament information.  You can access AES via your computer or mobile device and follow your team schedule, scores, and rankings.  It is very useful during larger tournaments as all information for the tournament is updated quickly.  See this quick tutorial for more info:   AES Explained!

Click on the image to download the AES app for device

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