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Lenawee County Welcomes Director & Coaches!

By Jen Cleaveland, 10/15/19, 9:45PM EDT


High Street Athletics is excited to welcome Coach Kenny Brokaw to the family!  Kenny will join us as the Lenawee Site Director and Head coach and brings with him a wealth of multisport coaching experience in addition to his education background as a teacher. 


”We are very excited to add such an ambitious, up-and-coming coach to our staff! Kenny will do an amazing job in Lenawee County as he is a native alumni of Onsted High School and knows the area well and has a wealth of variety in his experiences through his young career.  Kenny is eager to bring new ideas to the staff as well as take the next step in his coaching career with new connections through mentors, colleagues, teammates and families,”  says Lenawee County native and former University of Georgia/Blissfield High School player and High Street Managing Partner Kilee Goetz.


As the 2018 Volleyball Regional Coach of the Year, Kenny is skilled at developing both skills and confidence in his teams.  


“I am overjoyed to join forces with High Street as the Lenawee County Site Director.  High Street’s mission to bring top level volleyball to Lenawee is something that I can easily get behind.  I want to thank Kilee for the opportunity to be part of this awesome team.  I’m excited to jump right in and get to work for our kids,” says Kenny.


The Lenawee County location of High Street Athletics is growing quickly as it responds to the overwhelming need to bring quality volleyball training to the area.


Kilee shares that Kenny will be taking on duties in his new position that will allow the club to flourish, assisting in the day-to-day duties of the company, in all locations as well as grow individually in the coaching profession.


“We cannot wait for Kenny to hit the ground running, this week, in learning the ins and outs of running a location, and club, as well as implementing new programming and resources to the current curriculum,” says Jen Cleaveland, Managing Partner.


Please join us in welcoming Kenny to the team and family and if you are interested in joining our Lenawee County team, please contact Kenny or the senior administrative staff.


Here’s a quick peek at our Lenawee Site Staff:


  • Kilee Goetz
    • Managing Partner of High Street Athletics
    • Blissfield High School Alumni (1996-1999)
    • All-American High School Athlete
    • All-State Athlete
    • State Final 4 – Blissfield – 1999
    • Played collegiately at The University of Georgia


  • Kenny Brokaw
    • High Street Lenawee Site Director
    • Head Coach Vandercook Lake High School (currently ranked in top 10)
    • Head Coach Washtenaw Community College
    • Alumni of Onsted High School
    • Former Adrian College Men’s Volleyball Assistant
    • Former Glass City Volleyball Coach
    • Former YMCA Hitters Volleyball Coach
    • Played collegiately at Siena Heights University


  • Travis Wobrock
    • Current Head Coach at Jackson Community College
    • Former Volleyball Assistant at Onsted High School
    • Former Coach at Premier Academy
    • Camps/Clinics/Programming/Lessons for High Street Athletics


  • Melissa Sines-Loftis
    • Clinton Varsity Head Coach
    • Clinton High School Alumni (1995-1998)
    • All-State Player (1995-1998)
    • Played collegiately at Concordia University
    • State Quarter Finalist – 1998
    • Teaches at Clinton


  • Sue Cornish
    • 20+ years in coaching volleyball and basketball
    • Current 7thgrade coach at Clinton Middle School
    • All-State Basketball player
    • State scoring leader
    • Played collegiately at Ball State University in the MAC
    • Former coach for Hitters Volleyball
    • Current coach for High Street Athletics 


  • Jen Cleaveland
    • Managing Partner of High Street Athletics
    • Farmington Hills Mercy Alumni
    • Head Coach in Youth Program
    • Administrative Director High Street Athletics
  • Lyza Myers
    • Played collegiately at Central Michigan University
    • Columbia Central High School Alumni
    • High Street Athletics Alumni
    • All-State volleyball player
    • All-Region volleyball player
    • First-Team All-Conference volleyball player
  • Allison Jurasek-Ruhl
    • Varsity/Collegiate/Club Circuit VB official
    • Clinton High School Alumni
    • Played collegiately at Wayne State University
    • All-State Volleyball Player
    • State Quarter Finalist – 1998


  • Avery Simpson
    • Blissfield High School Alumni
    • Student at University of Toledo
    • High Street Athletics Alumni
    • All State Volleyball Player


  • Ebony McKenzie
    • Springfield High School Alumni
    • Current student at the University of Toledo
    • Played collegiately at Siena Heights University
    • High Street Athletics Alumni – 2016


  • Mahogany McKenzie
    • Springfield High School Alumni
    • Current student at the University of Toledo
    • Played collegiately at Siena Heights University
    • High Street Athletics Alumni – 2016


  • Asia Parker
    • Springfield High School Alumni
    • Current student at Defiance College
    • High Street Alumni – 2016


  • Sam Falco
    • Originally from Chicago, Illinois
    • Played collegiately at Eastern Michigan University 
    • Completing Masters Degree from Eastern Michigan currently
    • All-MAC Selection
    • Ranked nationally in Division 1 in blocks per set
    • Lessons/Camps/Events Coordinator for High Street
    • Program coach for High Street


  • Damon Loftis
    • Clinton Varsity Head Coach
    • Married to Melissa Sines-Loftis
    • Court/program coach for High Street Athletics
    • Youth Program 


  • Leah Sanborn 
    • Clinton High School Alumni – 2013
    • Played collegiately at Jackson College
    • First Team All-Conference Volleyball Player
    • All-Region Volleyball Player
    • Current student at Mercy College


  • Laura Fortman
    • Clinton High School Alumni – 1997
    • Played collegiately at University of St. Francis
    • Camps/Clinics/Programming at High Street Athletics
    • Youth program at High Street Athletics
    • Assistant Court Coach



Our next tryout date is 10/20/19 – register today for your spot!  We have already evaluated and placed over 70 athletes and we are looking forward to meeting the rest who will join to fit into the teams and program here at High Street!


Our program levels range from beginner to highest of high levels, from $300 - $3300.  We are excited this year to offer age ranges from 10U – 18U and all receive the highest level master training in our unique gym atmosphere!